Natural Sunstone Larry Woods Medicine Wheel



Cut from Oregon Sunstone, this natual and untreated gem dazzles with its unique and varied cuts and facets. Colors range from orange to gold and these hues shimmer with beauty as natural sunstone from this region contains some copper rutilation which creates an effect called schiller.

This fantastic gemstone is cut by award winning lapidary artist Larry Woods. This is one of his patented cuts and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the gem cutter.

Oregon Sunstone, the Oregon state gemstone, is a rare gem quality feldspar that has been colored by, and contains elements of copper. Found in the south eastern corner of Oregon, in what is known as the Oregon Outback. The presence of copper in Oregon sunstone is what gives the material it’s unique and vibrant colors, including all different shades of red and orange, green, and even red and green bi-color stones.

Another unique property of Oregon Sunstone is when tiny flakes of copper are suspended within and line up with the crystal matrix structure of the feldspar crystals. This produces a bright flash or sheen of copper within the stone when oriented to the light called schiller or schiller effect.

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