Design your own piece of jewelry!

The processes below explain how you can make a piece of jewelry or alter one to your individual and very personal specifications.

Custom Components

Whether creating a piece through forging and forming, casting original designs or repurposing elements and gemstones, the custom design process starts with your ideas.

We work together to sketch your concepts, refine and redesign until the basic elements reflect your vision, then I start to build the piece. As the design progresses, you are involved with the process every step of the way.

Often, I’ll create the piece in wax first by hand carving a basic model, which can easily be altered and refined to your specifications. This wax is then cast into the metal of your choice with the option to add gemstones.

Or we can combine all these elements to create something truly unique and wonderful with you as the designer.

Computer Aided Design and Modeling CAD/CAM

This in depth process includes you every step of the way. We start out with an idea and begin to sketch out the piece. Once the design is refined closely to your specifications, it is then sent to the CAD/CAM designer.

Within a week, a computer 3D image is sent back to be refined some more! During this phase we work through all the details regarding thickness of metal, position of stones and every minor detail.

Once the CAD is approved, the wax model is then made. You have the option to view this before proceeding to the next phase of casting it in the metal of your choice.

The metal model is then finished with your choice of texture or polish, and any gem stones are set into place.

The benefits are that this process allows you to refine even the finest and smallest detail to .01mm. It is good for very unique designs with extreme attention to detail. Your approval at each step ensures your unique creation will meet all your expectations!

This detailed process is more time consuming and includes an added expense of the CAD/CAM, approximately $500-750 depending on the design and amount of revisions. Add 6 weeks from sketch to finished project.